Guided Meditation for Beginners – Simple Tips

Guided Meditation for Beginners – Simple Tips

Welcome to this Guided Meditation for Beginners. You can familiarize yourself with meditation and breathing with the help of this Article. This meditation is there to help you take a step forward to create some space between you, your thoughts and emotions to no longer identify with them and become free.

Get ready to Meditate

  • Firstly, sit comfortably, in an upright position. Whether you are sitting cross-legged on a cushion, in a chair or even lying down. Just need to make sure that you feel comfortable & keep your back straight.
  • Now, rest your hands on your lap (preferably in an upward direction / facing upwards).
  • Start with a few deep breaths.
  • Simply Inhale slowly – Then slowly exhale.
  • Repeat the same cycle a few times to relax your muscles & thoughts. (as this helps to reduce down the number of thoughts in mind as well as it helps to relax your muscles)


Concentrate on Breathing Pattern

Now, as you’re ready to meditate, start by brining all your attention on the rhythm of your breathing. Just bring all your focus & attention on your Breath gently. You don’t have to do anything or change anything, just pay attention to the pattern / rhythm of your natural breaths.

Feel the air at the tip of your nostrils when you inhale & exhale. Be attentive of the feeling of Air touching the tip of your nose with every single inhalation & exhalation. And carefully follow the rhythm of your breathing.

You may get distracted after a couple of seconds, and may get carried away with another thought. But it does not matter, don’t worry at all. Just come back immediately on your breathing, as soon as you realize that you were distracted.

Usually we lose the present moment very easily. Don’t think or stress yourself too much about it, if you are carried away. It’s how our Mind is designed. And that’s the main reason we are seeking to Meditate.

A particular external circumstance or even some ideas from our mind (like the idea that we do not get there, that such an event could go wrong, the idea that it will be too difficult, etc.) All these views will generate stress, tension in the body without you have seen in the cause.

So in this exercise, stay anchored there in the moment without being sucked into your thoughts. Don’t try to judge anything, or get onto a conclusion as it’s too early. As your mind will surely try to take you away from the present moment, from your breath – every now & then. Learn in this exercise to remain stable and in the center by simply noticing your breath.

  • Tip: If you find it difficult to focus on your Breath for a longer period of time and you get distracted / carried away with your thoughts easily, then try counting your Breaths – It’ll surely help to stay.

Practice Daily

It is extremely simple and at the same time it takes practice & time, because this new way of working is still new to the Mind. And your mind will definitely need some time to adapt this new task, so enjoy these moments to live in the present / peace and be patient.

Again, this is perfectly normal if you are distracted, there is no problem with that. The real handicap is when you do not see that you are not aware of what is happening, because then nothing allows you to get high.

Be this now distant observer who sees but does not let lead. Be your own light that is exactly what you are currently trying to achieve in this exercise. Come back again and again on your breathing that serves to anchor the present moment. Enjoy these delicious moments of peace.

You can come back to this peace whenever you want, by continuing your daily work / job imbued with this energy. Try to meditate at least twice a day, for you to see some changes. You will have to make it a regular practice to know & understand how to meditate properly. This is an extremely simple meditation technique for beginners who are keen to start & learn to meditate. It is the very first step to learn to focus / concentrate.


  • It will be better if you turn your Mobile phone on silent mode when meditating – as it helps you by not distracting.
  • Meditating – just before going to bed always helps to feel more relaxed.
  • Meditation is not a miracle, it’s on ongoing process. Keep practicing daily (without fail) and you’ll gradually reach the state of being at peace & calm.
  • If you have heard or know about Mantra Meditation, it is similar to either concentrate on your Breathing pattern or on a Mantra. You can choose any one of these; whatever suits you / you feel more comfortable with.
  • If you wish or prefer listening to Music while Meditating, then try to always select only quiet Music (not loud). Listening to Rock, Hip Hop, Metal etc. is not the right kind of selection for practicing Meditation.

Whenever you start learning something new in life, it takes 3 simple things: Time, Patience & Practice. It is the same with meditation. So, feel free to meditate again and again with this Guided Meditation for Beginners to see great changes in your life, like: getting Stress free, Little Tension, anxiety and a lot more Love, joy and well-being.


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